Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Inverted Pin Hole Camera Photos

                                                     Pin Hole Camera Lab Report

-duct tape
-Photo paper
-Black paint
-Paint brush
-Cardboard box

1. First, we obtained a cardboard box.  Then we cut the top off of the box so it was open at the top. Then we painted the inside black.  Once we did this, then we had to make a lid for the box and paint the inside of that black also so that no light would get into the box.  We made a lid out of pieces of cardboard and then we taped them together with pieces of duct tape.  Once the lid was made and taped, we taped all of the seams of the box just in case light would get in through a seam.  Then, the camera was almost complete.

2. Once the box part was complete, we had to make the lense of the camera.  We did this by cutting a small circular hole in the side of the box.  Then we took a small square of aluminum and poked a hole in it with a pin.  Then, we put the piece of aluminum over the circular hole and taped it in place.  Next, we used tape to make a cover for the lense.  Now, our cameras were complete.

3. Once the cameras were complete, we had to take pictures next.  We did this by taping photo paper on the opposite wall of the hole.  Then we placed our cameras in a spot to take a picture and then we removed the lense cover (tape).  The pin hole lets in light but not too much so that the image is then displayed on the photo paper.  Then we left it sit for about half an our to forty-five minutes and then we went and put the lense cover back on.

4. After this, we had to develop our pictures.  We did this by going in the dark room and soaking our pictures in the developing solutions.  Then, our pictures were developed and done.  My first picture was dark but I could make out a couple objects in it.  My second picture was completely black, but my third picture turned out good and I could make out the skeleton in the picture.  

Pin Hole Camera Photos

Friday, March 27, 2015

Physics Field Trip- write up

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

     On our field trip to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I learned quite a bit of information about how music started and how they first started to make sounds from things they already had recorded.  First, we went to a class to learn about the first music studios and basically how they played with sounds to create new sounds for songs.  The instructor was very informational and knew a lot of good information to teach us.  She did a good job explaining things that were much trickier than they seemed.  She showed us some of the programs that were out there that we can use to alter sounds and she showed us how they work.  She had us listen to sections of famous songs so we could pick out certain instruments and then pick out what we thought they were.  Sometimes, things were not what they sounded like.  I learned that they can take a sound, record it and then reverse it to get a totally different sound to use.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Afterall, who would think to play something backwards and get something great out of it?  

     Next, we went on to tour the rest of the museum.  First, we went up to the fifth and sixth floors which were exibits of photographs.  We saw all kinds of pictures.  Some of people who are famous and living today when they were younger and some of people who are famous today but dead.  There were even some of famous people who I have never heard of.  Then we had lunch in the cafe on the third floor.  

     After lunch, we went into the inductees hall on the third floor.  In this exibit, they had a movie playing through year by year and going through the inductees from each year.  It also played their most popular song at the time they were inducted.  This was interesting because we could see who was inducted and when, in chronological order.  Also in the exibit, they had all of the inductees signatures and names on the wall.  It was a black wall with the signatures and names lit up in neon blue.  This was very cool because we could look at how each person signed their name.  There were some pretty interesting signatures.  Also, they had the bands grouped together.  So everyone from a band would sign around each other and they would put the name of the band underneath.  This was interesting so we could see everyone who was in a certain band.  
     After we looked at the wall of inductees, we went down to the second floor and looked at an exibit that explained about the first microphone and the first radio station to broadcast.  It also had a piano that someone famous used to play to record for songs.  This piano looked neat because it was not just one color, it was two.  This piano was black and white, which is not common anymore.  Seeing all of the old costumes and all of the old equipment was really interesting.  

     Next, we went to the basement and looked at an exibit that was so big we got lost in it.  Outisde of the exibit, there were two cars and a case of famous guitars that were painted in honor of 9/11.  Those were very cool.  Then we went into the exibit.  This exibit had wall to wall cases of costumes and clothes from famous people.  One of the cases was for Elvis Presley.  Outside of the case, was his bike which had the motor of a volkswagan.  They also had a short movie playing about his life.  They also had an entire section of just costumes.  They had some pretty interesting costumes by some famous people.  They had costumes from Beyonce too.  These were very interesitng to look at and see, however, they look like they would be very uncomfortable to wear.  

     After this it was time to get back on the bus and go back to the school.  This trip was very informational and it was very interesing to see how sound was created and altered throughout time.  I would definitely recomend keeping this trip for the physics classes in the future!